IUPUI Annie DeRolf, DCC [email protected]
Jayson Zeigler, AFWC [email protected]
University of Indianapolis Alissia Garabrant, OTD AFWC [email protected]
Kristina Watkins, OTD AFWC [email protected] 
Christine Kroll, DCC [email protected] 
Kourtney Maddox, AFWC of MOT program [email protected] 
USI Sean Weir, OTA AFWC [email protected] 
Jessica Mason, MSOT AFWC [email protected] 
ISU Meghan Steward, AFWC [email protected] 
Indiana University South Bend Denise Henderson, AFWC [email protected]
Indiana Wesleyan University

Sally Nurse, OTA AFWC
Marcia Shea, OTD FW Coordinator [email protected]
Rachel Timmons, DCC [email protected]

Huntington Sara Best, OTD AFWC [email protected]
Andrew D. Rivera, DCC [email protected]
Deborah Fitzcharles, OTA  AFWC [email protected]